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Using Hashtags in Twitter

Posted on : 02-09-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips



Hashtags is an advanced, but easy-to-use Twitter feature. The reason they are called hashtags is because they start with a # symbol. Here are some examples: #rejectprop8, #dragmetohell, etc #rejectprop8 is a hashtag that people used when talking about Proposition 8. Users can put “#rejectprop8″ and then other Twitter users can easily find their tweets by looking at all the #rejectprop8 tweets.

Many Twitter applications, mobile and desktop, allow users to find hashtags. Some applications call them “trends” instead of “hashtags”. Most applications will keep track of the 10 or 20 most popular hashtags at any given time, so it really lets you see what people are talking about at any given time.

When the movie Drag Me to Hell came out last week (05/29/09) in the United States, many Twitter users began talking about it, and the #dragmetohell hashtag quickly jumped to the top of the Twitter top hashtag list. When looking at the #dragmetohell hashtag, I found tweets about the movie. Some contained links to reviews, some were just tweets about the user going to the movie that night, some were tweets suggesting that their friends should go see the movie, etc.

Many celebrities that have a lot of followers are very good at starting trends a.k.a. hashtags. They will post about #something and that #something will become very popular in a short amount of time. Many of their followers will begin talking about that topic and it will become widespread very quickly.

Another advanced feature is “re-tweeting” and if celebrities re-tweet tweets from their followers and those tweets in turn contain hashtags, the topic’s popularity will in a sense compound. For example, when Blink 182 member Mark Hoppus began posting about #rejectprop8, he also re-tweeted some tweets that his followers sent about #rejectprop8, and that in turn boosted the popularity of the #rejectprop8 hashtag. Soon it was at the top of the list, and Mark tweeted about how he was amazed how fast it climbed to the top of the list.

If you’re tired of reading the news to find out what’s going on, consider checking out the Twitter trend lists. Apps that let you easily follow the trend list are Twitterific, Tweetie and Twittertrend.

Computer Generated Tweets

Posted on : 02-09-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Tweeting_PlantTwitter provides a way for computers and other devices to inform people about their status or their findings in a friendly manner. At this sector headquarters in California they had eclipsed a planned with a sensor that checks the humidity of the soil. Whenever is time for the planned to get some water it will post its tweet saying something like: “Water me!”

Many other devices can follow this example. What about a washing machine that warns you about not having enough soap, or detecting a colored item in the white wash or simply to inform you that he has finished his load. The ice cream truck that constantly tweets its location, is the replacement of the annoying music these trucks usually make, to alert people that they are in the neighborhood.  In New York City a moving truck started to tweet his location and availability to carry a new load, which has caused a fad, which is why everybody with a truck in New York is now using Twitter. True, it is usually the truck driver that does the tweeting here, but it could easily be the truck itself.

Gartner predicts that by 2012 20% of non-video Internet data is comprised of physical sensors reporting their status. That is an amazing prediction. Just think about how many sensors would be transmitting data.  These sensors can easily be programmed to send to tweet in exception cases, so people can take the appropriate action.  This is a usage of Twitter that has yet to be explored, but provides very interesting possibilities.

Twitter: The Human Touch in Business

Posted on : 01-09-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


human touch

Twitter is an excellent way for companies to maximize their personal contact with customers and promote products and services to early adopters and trendy users. It can also function as an effective customer service tool and is a way to monitor complaints and concerns that are being aired on the internet by especially vocal customers.

A company can open a twitter account under their name and use it to promote products and services. By sharing links and information with followers, twitter is a means for making customers (especially devoted ones) aware of new promotions. Offering samples, coupons, and links to new products and services is a great way to attract attention to them and to reward loyal customers. Two companies who do an excellent job of this are Forever 21 and Starbucks. Take some time to look at their technique.

One of the keys to using your company’s twitter page as a promotional tool is to be careful to balance types of tweets–sending out too many in promotion of a product will irritate followers and cause them to unsubscribe. A good way to combat this is to limit the number of tweets per day and to balance tweets with coupons and other perks with ones that are strictly advertising or promotional.

Monitoring complaints and customer issues on twitter is a great way to resolve problems and build customer rapport. By regularly utilizing the search tool on twitter and entering your company name, you can find out if a disgruntled customer has taken to the internet to air their complaints. Direct-messaging the customer and offering a solution, refund, apology, or other rectification for a poorly managed service or customer issue can be a great way to generate positive PR for your company. Users who bother to complain on the internet will also be likely to publically praise your generous handling of their problem and all of their followers will then be aware that your company is paying attention to its customers’ needs.

Lastly, twitter can add a humanizing touch to your corporate image. By replying to users comments about your services and having conversational exchanges with customers using twitter, you improve your image by attaching an interested internet presence to a real person. This is something even a very well-designed website can never accomplish and is an important function of twitter that many companies ignore. Because twitter is a shorthand (140 characters) form of communication, it requires very little time to send the occassional reply but the impact in terms of positive customer relations and loyalty can be markedly more valuable than the small amount of time it took. One company who succeeds remarkably well with this human touch is Bonobos, a pants company based in Manhattan.

Tweeteronix Instruction Videos – Following Secrets, Keywords & Multiple ReTweets

Posted on : 01-09-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Tweeteronix Instruction Videos – Add Account & Authorize with Twitter

Posted on : 31-08-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Twitter is Web 3.0

Posted on : 31-08-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : user


1827262Twitter is a preview of the third generation of the web, where we are communicating in real-time. The first generation was rather static.  It was mostly companies displaying their products and services on web pages. Individuals started creating personal websites, but they too were static.  The Web was used for publishing and a lot of screen scraping was done to cut and paste from other websites.

The second generation of the Web, the so-called ‘Web 2.0’ was more interactive. With the advent of webServices, the web became a more connected place. Companies started using the social networking media like MySpace and FaceBook, to set up a dialogue with their customers. Individuals were using social networking media to connect with their friends and to keep them posted on what they were doing. Everywhere ‘wikis’ were being set up with individuals blogging about a wide range of subjects. This created a web where you could follow what was going on in a certain niche and take part in the discussion.

The third generation of the Web is about to break loose.  It takes things one step further than interactive; it’s real-time. Here the Web is connecting everything and everybody. We will see real-time interactions between devices and people. These interactions are taking the form of a constant stream of data that comes to you, rather than messages or web pages you have to look for. People will still be concerned about what has happened in the past, but this generation of the web is all about what’s happening now.

Twitter gives us a glimpse of this the third generation of the Web. It lets us communicate in near real-time, but it resembles a stream of a gigantic stream of data that everybody can jump into, to pick up what they like.  Many things that happen in the world are first reported on Twitter. When that plane landed in the Hudson River early 2009 a guy called Janis Krums was on the ferry picking up the first survivors. He took a picture of the plane and tweeted this to the world.

When the elections in Iran in June 2009 were over, the world learned from the many tweets from Iran that there were violent protests against the election results. When the protests started, the regular news media like CNN did not pick this up for hours.  This in itself caused a big discussion on Twitter (#cnnfail) about the role that the regular news media should be playing.  The issue here is: can what is tweeted be trusted by the news media or is further investigation required? The answer is a difficult one, but one thing is clear “the truth is more seen than read”, so anything that is documented on video or photos, can be trusted more than what is written.

Twitter from the social scientist point of view

Posted on : 30-08-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Twitter from the social scientist's point of view

Twitter houses a significant number of people. Let’s start with a few examples of small companies using twitter to reach their clients we have Jetpens.com, Field Notes, and Doane Paper. Jetpens is an imported Japanese pen company, that broadcasts things like pen reviews, pen giveaways, sales, and offers on money off, along with their new products in their updates. Field Notes recently gave away notebooks as well. Doane Paper is a company that sells 3 products, all of them based around the idea of graph paper+lined paper = best paper for everyone. It’s exploded with a cult following, especially among fountain pen users, because the paper takes the ink well, and has small spacing, for those with tiny handwriting.

On top of that, we have some larger companies, with representatives that form the all-important human side of their huge business. Uni-ball has a person, Sharpie does as well(despite being the same company overall), Staples and Office Depot. The point of these is having a part of a company that will actually talk to you on a daily basis. Comparing favorite pens with a member of the Uni-ball corp definitely encourages you to get their pens next time, or at least remember them when you’re shopping.

A lot of people still only see twitter as a way to stalk their favorite celebrities, or perhaps to interact with Neil Gaiman, or Amanda Palmer. The difference, though, is between the celebrities who tweet back, like Felicia Day, and the celebrities who don’t tweet back. The ones who tweet back are likely building a dedicated fan base around the fact that they’re talented, social, and willing to talk with their fans.

A similar thing is done by Webcomic artists, such as Lar deSouza and Sohmer, the creators of Looking For Group and Least I Could Do. Perhaps a more recognizable pair is Gabe and Tycho, of Penny Arcade fame. Jeph Jaques, who writes and illustrates Questionable Content, also keeps and updates a twitter.

Most of these semi-famous people use it to let their fans in on their daily lives, for things such as grocery shopping, movies they watch, whatever they’re randomly doing(which brings to mind the night a few weeks ago that Amanda Palmer accidentally took over the internet because she didn’t want to clean her apartment—you can google or check the tags on twitter for “#lofnotc” if you’re interested about learning more.

Twitter has many different uses. For companies, and for individuals. Mainly companies use it to immediately broadcast things like sales, or the above-mentioned giveaways. But for individuals, it’s an easy to way to follow your favorite blogger, even if you’re not familiar with RSS feeds.

The recently added @ tab on the right-hand side, allows you to see how many times you’ve been re-tweeted by people. And lastly, my definition of Twitter: Twitter: A selective, global chatroom that has the pulse of the world. Whatever we’re concerned about, it’s on there. Whatever we’re thinking about, it’s in there.

It’s a new way to connect without being too personal or too invading, a fun new way to send messages across the inter-webs.

Nothing beats Twitter when it comes to spreading the news

Posted on : 30-08-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Screen shot 2010-02-01 at 10.43.12 AM

You ever fancied yourself a blogger but failed to have the energy or time to post considerate or daft missives at regular intervals? Twitter could set your inner blogger free. While some folk call it microblogging or moblogging, I really like to think about Twitter simply as blogging for regular folks. Perhaps you are actually busy. Perhaps you do not have much to assert. Or perhaps you are just lazy.

No problem. This free service works by letting you broadcast a group SMS message to your friends’ mobile telephones from your own telephone, a rapid message or an Internet form at twitter.com. All of your notes are then stored and shown on your private profiling page on the site, which includes links to your friends’ Twitter pages, a thumbnail picture of your choosing, and a short bio. You can even send text updates immediately to your FaceBook or MySpace page. Just don’t forget to keep it short: posts are restricted to one hundred and forty characters, and the subject is, usually, “what are you doing?”. More frequently than not, it seems, Twitter’s 25,000,000 members (twice as many as it had merely six months back, according to Twitter business development director Biz Stone), are simply killing time.

Even presidential candidate John Edwards is on it, though he appears to be the sole one pondering more than lunch. As I type this, Caroline is mulling over some Girl Scout cookies, ian_hocking is “Waiting for Jessica to arrive so we will be able to eat!” and hlantz is “having a pleasant cup of Soft Starmint tea.” Exciting .

The gossip about Twitter escalated into a virtual roar last year in the South by Southwest multimedia festival in Austin, Tex, when the barebones service owned by Blogger founder Evan Williams, 34, was named the best blogging tool and attendees used it to meet up at parties.

Since that point, the fawning attention to the service has come full-circle as reviewers have started to realize how uninteresting most of the people’s lives actually are. ( As if YouTube’s studio of puppy and kitten videos had not already driven that point home. )

Nevertheless, Twitter has been the top term on blog search engine Technorati for the previous 12 months. Lots of folk would happily have Twitter muzzled, instead of endure the beeping alert for yet another new text. But I am gambling that Twitter will get a lot noisier before tweople move on to the following new thing. Why? Because Twitter targets the same crowd that digs FaceBook and, candidly, that site is getting off. We cyberjunkies need a new thrill, and what could be better than a service that mixes social networking, blogging and texting? Dozens of other corporations try to do a similar thing with services like VelvetPuffin and Google’s Dodgeball.

But only Twitter has worked out the easy way to make it easy. I know, it’s absolutely mad and shallow, but that is exactly why Twitter is on its way to turning into the next killer app.

And if you detest it, well, in the words of one Twit from San Francisco, “I’m so sick to death of Twitter-haters. If you do not like it, why waste your time writing, reading, or talking about it?

Well, last night’s Grammy awards showed a new feature of Twitter.  Seconds after Steven Colbert pulled an iPad from his jacket, it was tweeted and live on YouTube! It was interesting to see how it looked when someone captured the TV image on his iPhone and then sent it to YouTube and tweeted about it…This works? well, except the quality of the video is below standard…So can anyone tell me how I can get the TV feed on my iPhone so I can record it in real-time and share it with the world now?

Twitter as a Sales Channel

Posted on : 29-08-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Dell OutletAs well as the variable distribution channels, leveraging Twitter as a selling channel has another benefit for the users / customers: anonymity. Consumers can eavesdrop and follow messages without giving away their identity, email address, or any other contact info. While a selling dept may not like this ( if the mind-set is to concentrate on harvesting email addresses ), the customers will like it better and should be more ready to take part in a well planned selling event knowing that they are not signing themselves up for a future crammed with promotional spam.

For a CPG company (Consumer Packaged Goods), you could try running a competition or some other promotional program through Twitter that leverages the short-message, group-chat nature of Twitter. Send out clues and have users answer with guesses…

Sponsor a Twitter channel for something in your demographic… Sponsor a live reporter covering something interesting… Do something clever with tweets sent to your account.  It will definitely help if your products are something the tech-hipster, early adopter, social-networking-kids want. Also, bear in mind that you wish to approach with caution — the Twitter demographic isn’t keen on enrolling for spam, or having corporations attack their social scene with advertising, so you want to add value to the conversation.

Social-media tools are fostering consumer service through:

Direct sales: Dell explains it has sold millions worth of refurbished computer parts and obsolete inventory thru its @Dell Outlet account (over 750,000 followers) on Twitter since 2007.

Promotions/Marketing: An obvious temptation for consumer brands is to use their Twitter account for promotions and marketing.   A word of caution here.  You should be aware that overly aggressive marketing will backfire.   Many avid Twitterers see this as a form of spam. They can report to you to Twitter’s spam account which could cause your account to be suspended by Twitter or that they can block your account and when many users block an account again put your might suspend your account.   Unless, like @DellOutlet, you have a specific account that is used only to promote certain products, jobs or services you should be very careful to blast promotional Tweets all the time.  Remember that your tweets should always add value to the reader.  A useful tactic could be   well-defined and executed Twitter-based coupon campaign, or a prize draw with some nice incentives.

Brands aren’t about ‘messages’ anymore – brands today are conversations — and today the most important conversations are happening through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Tweeting Adventures

Posted on : 29-08-2014 | By : DickRaman | In : user



As a user on Twitter there are a lot of features you might not be wholly familiar with. The following are Twitter features you will come across, if you follow a lot of different users. You might not completely understand these techniques when other people use them until you try using them yourself when you tweet! You can visit these links I’ve compiled that highlight these common Twitter methods that can make your tweeting experience much more rewarding.

URL Shorteners

Sometimes you want to tweet about a website or URL of an article you’ve just read and want to recommend to your Twitter community. However, hyperlinks are often longer than the 140 character limit imposed on your tweets. The solution is to use a tool called ‘URL-Shortener’. You can go to a number of sites that will shorten a URL for you, such as TinyURL , tr.im, p.ze and others to receive an abbreviated version of your URL that still brings you to the same website. Use the tinier version in your tweet without it using up all your 140 characters!! It also makes your tweet easier to read. More and more of these ‘URL Shorteners’ or ‘URL Cloakers’ are springing up. bit.ly is a very popular one. This shortens your URL automatically if you enable that, but more importantly it shows you how many times your short URL was clicked on.


In Twitter you will often see people use the term “RT” in their tweets. RT stands for ‘Re-Tweet’ meaning you have tweeted what somebody else already tweeted. Basically “retweet” just means quoting what someone else has already posted on twitter. Users often also ask you to retweet (RT) things in their own tweets if they want to spread the word about something very important to them. Read more about retweeting at http://wiki.answers.com


Another common phenomenon that you will encounter on Twitter, is the use of the “hashtag” or #. This little symbol allows the user to tag keywords within their tweet. Follow the user’s hashtags along with real time results for keywords that other Twitter users are tagging. You can read more about the use of hashtags here: Hashtags.org.
StockTwits is an excellent application based on Twitter for real-time updates on stock trading. Whatthetrend.com allows the users to see what is most popular on the twitter and why it is popular. It is a wiki so that anybody can add the information. Twitter-Atlas- allows users to view tweets on a world map. Twittelicious- Combines twitter and delicious.com. Twitpic- A way to share pictures on Twitter Twitterfeed- Offers to tweet the last posts published in a blog via the RSS feed.

Advanced usage

Twitter can be used in many ways. For example Twitter can be used as a marketing tool. You can find and add people within a geographic area or people interested in particular things using the search feature provided by Twitter. In that way you can track potential customers and market your product to the right people. In another way Twitter can be used as a real-time news agent. You can see what is hot in the world from the trending topics section at the twitter page. Many people now use automated tweeting softwares to update tweets. For example developers can create tweeting application from a blog posting automatically as it is created.

It is surprising that Twitter itself does not offer a way of controlling and measuring which keywords are being used in real time since they do mark trends of the most tweeted about terms. This might change on Twitter’s part in the future. These are just a small example of the type of methods you will see people using on Twitter that can make your own Twitter usere experience more fun.

Go out explore and find more useful techniques and enjoy your tweeting adventures!

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