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Tweeteronix Instruction Videos – Introduction and Sign-Up

Posted on : 07-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


We have created a series of videos to help you use Tweeteronix to its fullest capacity!

Go here to sign up for free: http://Tweeteronix.com

Twitter can be used in a million ways.

Posted on : 06-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : user


Twitter has a million applications

Maybe a million different ways is a bit much, but it can surely be used in ways we have not figured out yet. You can implement it in the business enterprise or use it at home. You can find tweets describing what people ate for dinner last night or you can find police reports; an example can be seen here Milwaukee Police on Twitter.

There are some important advanced usages for Twitter, and if you think about new unique ways to use the service you realize that it can be much more than just another social networking website. Twitter does not have a large number of advanced features, and this can be a good thing in some cases. It allows the user to mold the service around just about anything. I have seen police departments using it to announce arrests and other police reports. Other strange or useful appearances have involved fire departments or new software releases.

One important usage that just about everyone could take advantage of would be implementing it with your blog. This can help to tell the world about new blog posts and other information related to your website or blog. This is the easiest and cheapest way to advertise your content. Some content management systems allow easy integration; examples include WordPress, Joomla, and Mambo. There is really no reason to not include Twitter considering how easy it is to implement.

This may be why lately we are seeing a huge increase in Twitter news-related stories. However, you can also use Twitter in the workplace. This can be a great way to quickly share information with co-workers or the outside world. It is a free service and perfect for quick advertising. You can build up hype or share news on a new product release using Twitter. It allows people in the business world to share something new and unique in an easy and fast way. I have seen tweets regarding new video games releases. When these are released with new information people talk about them for days on end. It can be a very useful tool for building hype. The service seems to drive sales much higher when used properly.

However, you also have to be aware of the security issues that are involved. Any information you share basically becomes publicly available. This information can be seen by the entire world. You should therefore be careful with the information you share. In conclusion, the important place to start would be with analyzing your current business model. Understand what it is that you sell and what you want out of a service like Twitter. Think about the potential with advertisements and communication benefits.

Jumping on the Social Networking Bandwagon

Posted on : 06-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : user


twitter bandwagon

I always jump on the social networking bandwagon. I have a MySpace that I don’t use, a LinkedIn that I don’t understand and a FaceBook that I’m addicted to.

So when I heard about Twitter, I thought it was dumb (to put it mildly.) To be fair, as a general rule, anything that is promoted by news stations before the general public knows about it, I believe is trash.

Three months ago however, one of my many employers sent out a mass email telling us to follow them on Twitter. I am a full-time college student who does marketing jobs on the weekends; passing out flyers, signing people up for credit cards, doing food samples at Walmart/Sams Clubs and going to concerts and giving out free stuff.

The email stated that extra job openings will be tweeted 3 times a day. Usually these marketing gigs go by quick because they pay well and the work is not too difficult. So, I swallowed my pride and joined the twitter world.

After browsing, I realized that a majority of my marketing employers used Twitter to post new job openings that they don’t send through mass emails. I started to follow all my employers, potential employers, family and friends too.

I linked my cell phone to Twitter and I receive on average 100 text messages a day from potential employers. I was getting sick of it and about to quit until something great happened.

Last month, I received a Tweet on my cell phone while eating dinner. My boyfriend rolled his eyes because he is sick of hearing “Almost Easy” every hour when my cell phone “Tweets” goes off. The tweet said “Cartoon Network Event in WPB, FL need staff immediately.”

I called my staffing coordinator and she hired me that second. I worked that entire week and got my biggest paycheck ever. $1,000 for roughly 30 hours of work, that’s a lot for a college student (Although it’s gone now, due to wonderful bills.)

So, I have resumed being in love with Twitter. I use it primarily for work (I have FaceBook for friends/family) and I get so many extra jobs from it.

I know that Twitter can revolutionize the job hunting process for many unemployed people. I read an article claiming that Twitter has helped many people find jobs.

Employers like Palm Beach Post and ATT post jobs on Twitter and it can be great to be able to get job postings to your cell phone so you don’t have to sit by the computer all the time.

I wonder if Craigslist has a Twitter?

Using Hashtags in Twitter

Posted on : 05-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips



Hashtags is an advanced, but easy-to-use Twitter feature. The reason they are called hashtags is because they start with a # symbol. Here are some examples: #rejectprop8, #dragmetohell, etc #rejectprop8 is a hashtag that people used when talking about Proposition 8. Users can put “#rejectprop8″ and then other Twitter users can easily find their tweets by looking at all the #rejectprop8 tweets.

Many Twitter applications, mobile and desktop, allow users to find hashtags. Some applications call them “trends” instead of “hashtags”. Most applications will keep track of the 10 or 20 most popular hashtags at any given time, so it really lets you see what people are talking about at any given time.

When the movie Drag Me to Hell came out last week (05/29/09) in the United States, many Twitter users began talking about it, and the #dragmetohell hashtag quickly jumped to the top of the Twitter top hashtag list. When looking at the #dragmetohell hashtag, I found tweets about the movie. Some contained links to reviews, some were just tweets about the user going to the movie that night, some were tweets suggesting that their friends should go see the movie, etc.

Many celebrities that have a lot of followers are very good at starting trends a.k.a. hashtags. They will post about #something and that #something will become very popular in a short amount of time. Many of their followers will begin talking about that topic and it will become widespread very quickly.

Another advanced feature is “re-tweeting” and if celebrities re-tweet tweets from their followers and those tweets in turn contain hashtags, the topic’s popularity will in a sense compound. For example, when Blink 182 member Mark Hoppus began posting about #rejectprop8, he also re-tweeted some tweets that his followers sent about #rejectprop8, and that in turn boosted the popularity of the #rejectprop8 hashtag. Soon it was at the top of the list, and Mark tweeted about how he was amazed how fast it climbed to the top of the list.

If you’re tired of reading the news to find out what’s going on, consider checking out the Twitter trend lists. Apps that let you easily follow the trend list are Twitterific, Tweetie and Twittertrend.

Rambling on about Twitter

Posted on : 05-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : user


twitterbirdbrcolorHave you heard of the new social networking site Twitter? Well if you haven’t and you’re not sure if you want to check it out or not, then read on!

Twitter is the newest and currently the top social networking sites. Twitter is a bit different from your average Facebook, Myspace, or MyYearbook account. On Twitter, you update your status, and follow people. But that’s not it. You can send personal “Tweets” (messages on twitter) to the people you follow, or celebrities! You can receive and send mobile updates as well.

It’s a simple website, but so much fun to use! Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, have used it to learn from people about new causes that he could possibly donate to. It’s simple to use, and has a user friendly interface.

Twitter also lets you upload your own avatar to personalize your webpage, along with a customized layout! Twitter tracks how many people follow you, and how many people you follow. It’s a great way to interact with people on line without the hassle of friend requests or spam! It’s the newest social networking revolution, and I believe it will never get old.

News broadcasts use it as well, (such as CNN and Fox), in order to get viewer opinions! Technology is getting better and better everyday, and so isn’t communication. So why not join just about everyone else in America, by logging onto Twitter and start your social networking experience today!

You really should have a twitter account! If you cannot, at any given moment, look at whether your best friend has beat a highscore on his xbox or burnt his bread, you’re missing out on a lot.

Now while the general public uses twitter as a quick and stable communication system, whiney hormonal adolescents have discovered it for their own self-gratifying journalling. Of course nobody will read about how their stubbed toenail sparked a furious debate between mother and daughter, ending in tears for both sides, but for the depressively fragile it is strongly cathartic.

But the versatility doesn’t end there. With 140 words you can make an impact. Strike a dent in the oppressive media with fist-shaking brevity. Pithily point out their bias! Taunt a celebrity! Make like a bird with some onomatopoetic twittering. Question your friends sexuality after the couch incident last night.

Before Twitter there was the equivalent of nothing. Unread diaries and journals of greasy angst formed the scorching desert of the internet. An electric mouth, hungry for activity, gnawing at the remains of websites with background midi music. It’s need has finally been satisfied.

With Twitter you just have a bareable amount of just that. Like say, a potted cactus gracing your living room. Scream all you want at the 140 character limit, but its for your own sake. If you keep it short, people will like you, or as Kurt Kobain said it, “Think before you tweet.”

Social networking is slowly infecting the way we live. People love talking, they just can’t be bothered to stand up. One could say it is a significant leap towards world peace, but that would be a lie and unacceptably impolite.

Social networking is simply a way to keep in touch with your friends, and a way for any private company to instantly monitor your entire online history, hobbies, favorite show and what type of guinea pig you’ve always wanted.

I find a brilliant use for twitter is trying to condense a grammatically correct story into 140 characters. It’s incredibly difficult yet rewarding.

Twitter easily lets you find new people to follow, before they drop into obscurity while you broadcast an unpunctuated tweet about what nail polish you bought. Stalkers will be delighted to hear that many celebrities have publically announced their allegance to Twitter. Finding that tree to sit on has never been easier, just don’t forget the rope.

Twitter can also automatically choose people that would be suitable to be your friends. Keep in mind though, it’s a computer and I wouldn’t trust computers and if you’ve seen Terminator, neither should you.

Twitter: Instant Gratification and Getting out of Jail.

Posted on : 04-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips



Humanity has reached a point in time where instant-gratification has taken over the world. Twitter has out done the demand for instant-gratification.

Whether you are a regular person on the Internet, or a business trying to please their consumers, Twitter creates the ability to keep everyone up to date instantly with a simple press of a button. There is no need to purchase your favorite gossip magazine because celebrities have turned into their own paparazzi. Instead of waiting until your local news hits the air on your TV, you can get instant updates on news while it’s actually happening.  Remember the pilot that landed on the Hudson River in New York?  CNN picked that up from a passenger putting it on Twitter as it happened!

Businesses now can keep their consumer‘s up to date on new products, events and job openings. Everyone is taking advantage of Twitter to network, advertise and reach the world with a press of the button. You do not have to have a computer at home to enjoy the networking ability twitter supplies. As long as you have a cell phone, you can keep up to date with everyone.

When you have a fancy iPhone or Blackberry, you can get numerous applications to use Twitter in the normal way, but even a regular cell phone will en enough to use Twitter.  If it’s important for you to keep up to date with companies, celebrities or just even your friends, simply add each important Twitter user to mobile updates. After someone tweet(ing)s, instantly you will receive a text message letting you know what’s going on. If you’re out and about and would like to keep others updated on your life, you are able to text twitter and your tweets will be refreshed with your message.

Every can benefit from the use of Twitter. Companies can save money on advertising when they can reach millions of consumers instantly with their promotions. Celebrities have been known to keep their fans up to date with event information and sometimes they take the advantage to promote their favorite cause. Your message can be heard instantly for free, what can get better than that? What could possibly top Twitter? Twitter is a genius concept and should be used by everyone.

Critics will say that nobody cares what you’re doing from one minute to the other, but I find that keeping a random journal of a day is not only fun, but interesting, and has been the source of many a conversation between my friends and I.   Though people are critical of Twitter’s purpose and don’t understand a point to it, its growing user base and versatility – for business, news, and getting out of jail (like the American student who kept in touch with his friends at home when he was jailed in Egypt – his Twitter correspondences allowed people to get in touch with the proper authorities and free him) are securing it as an essential part of the Web 2.0 experience that is focused on the user and the ‘me’ experience.

If you don’t already have a Twitter, maybe you should reconsider why and possibly join today.

Twitter is almost Web 3.0

Posted on : 04-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


Web 3.0

Twitter is a preview of the third generation of the web, where we are communicating in real-time. The first generation of the Web was rather static. It was mostly about companies displaying their products and services on web pages. Individuals started creating personal websites, but they too were static. The Web was used for publishing and a lot of screen scraping was done to cut and paste from other websites so you could fill your own.

The second generation of the Web, the so-called ‘Web 2.0’ was already more interactive. With the advent of Web services, the web became a more connected place. Companies now had to show much more interaction with their customers and started using the social networking media like MySpace and Facebook, to set up a dialogue with their customers. Individuals were using these social networking media to connect with their friends and to keep them posted on what they were doing. Everywhere you could see ‘wikis’ being set up and individuals started blogging about a wide range of subjects. This created a web where you could follow what was going on in a certain niche and take part in the discussion.

The third generation of the Web is about to break loose. Here we take one step further than interactive, we go real-time. Here the Web is just there… connecting everything and every body. We will see real-time interactions between devices and people are juicing a gigantic stream of data that everybody can jump into. Surely people will still be concerned about what happened in the past, but this generation of the web is about what’s happening now.

Twitter gives us a glimpse of what this the third generation of the Web could be like. It lets us communicate in near real-time, but it resembles a stream of information we can dip into.

Many things that happen in the world are reported on Twitter first. When that plane landed in the Hudson River early 2009 a guy called Janis Krums was on the ferry picking up the first survivors. He took a picture of the plane and tweeted this to the world. When the elections in Iran in June 2009 were over, the world learned from the many tweets from Iran that there were violent protests against the election results. When the protests started, the regular news media like CNN did not pick this up for hours. This in itself caused a big discussion on Twitter (#cnnfail) about the role that the regular news media should be playing, where what is happening on Twitter is taken into account. The issue here is: can what is tweeted be trusted by the news media or is further investigation required. The answer is a difficult one, but one thing is clear “ the truth is more seen than read”, so anything that is documented on video or photos, can be trusted more than what is just written.

Create your own Pop Culture on Twitter

Posted on : 03-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : user



The first thing my friend Adriana did when she signed up for the extremely hip and popular Internet app Twitter was click on Find People so she could populate her feed with friends she knew. I think she found about 5 actual contacts, but none that were active. However, after becoming more familiar with the software, she realized that she could add celebrity Twitters and create her very own pop culture RSS feed!
The most interesting celebrity feeds on Twitter she found are:
Warren Ellis – Ellis is a renown comic book/fiction writer known for the acclaimed Transmetropolitan and Hellbrazer series, as well as prose novels such as Crooked Little Vein and Listener. Joining his Twitter has kept me abreast of his work, but also has given me a peek into his very active imagination and sarcastic (and very British) humor. He also responds to your Tweets!
Hugh Jackman – This Hollywood star is best known for his role in X-Men as Wolverine, but his Twitter lets us into a more private world where we see that Jackman is actually a really nice guy (who else would pay for breakfast for hundreds of fans waiting to see his movie??)
Rainn Wilson – Also known as Dwight from hit NBC series The Office, Wilson has a very funny and frequently updated Twitter that shows him jostling back and forth with other comedians, and even regular ol’ readers like you and I!
William Shatner – The original Captain Kirk of Star Trek is still kicking it online and has now picked up the pace with his Twitter, adding more frequent updates and interesting links relating to himself, Priceline, and even the new Star Trek movie.
Dave Mustaine – Lead singer and guitarist of thrash metal band Megadeth, Mustaine gives his fans updates on recording, touring and is looking for you to join his page and spread the word.
John Mayer – Popular guitarist and singer John Mayer has become notorious for his Twitter updates and his candor in general. Even if you aren’t a fan of the man’s music, it is definitely worth checking out his page because you’re bound to be on top of something that will be gracing Star magazine next week!
So think of a few celebrities you like and look up if they have a Twitter! There’s also always the option of trying the Suggestions tab to see who Twitter thinks you should follow. Have a blast – and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to get a tweet back from your favorite star!

Tweet me later

Posted on : 03-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : user



“Twitter” I’m sure most of us have heard the term somewhere, A friend may say, “tweet me later.”or you may hear it on the news since most TV stations seem to be getting into the whole social networking scene.

You’ve also probably heard someone say “Oh, I’m following them!” because yes, you CAN follow Celebrities, TV stations, Stores, Your favorite video game, Sports team, even… The President.

Basically its used to keep people up to date with ANYTHING going on in the world in real-time.

These updates are called “Tweets.” What is interesting about Twitter is that you can scroll all the way to the bottom of any page and search for people who are “tweeting” about topics that interest you! For example, if you type in Iphone you will receive “tweets” posted as soon as one second ago about the Iphone! It’s great for keeping up to date with music, movies, and current events!

Also, Twitter has a Trending Topics side bar on almost every Twitter page. It shows you what topics are popular and you can click any link in the side bar and be brought a search of the topic.

Twitter also gives you the option to refresh the page is someone tweets about that topic while you are already looking at the most up to the second tweets! A great feature!

You may be curious to what it means when someone “Retweets” something. Well, the art of retweeting is simple, it is basically just taking reposting something someone else has already posted, and giving them credit for the original post (tweet.) Most users put Retweet: before the actual post then credit at the end by using @ then the original posters name. Sometimes Twitter users use RT instead of Retweet, or sometimes they use “Retweeting” and then the post. Retweets are a lot of fun and can get you a lot of followers!

You can also send specific messages on twitter to one user to make sure they see what you have to say by typing @ and the user name of the person you wish to tweet. Example @Starrla88 Hey missed you today! or something along those lines.

Currently, two people who I follow on twitter are competing in a race to 100 followers, this is a fun idea between friends. Both are sitting around 60-65 followers, It will be interesting to see who will win because both are constantly neck and neck and fighting for people to follow one and not the other.

If you aren’t currently into the Twitter scene, you should check it out, especially if you own a small business you can promote yourself with Twitter. Or you can just use it to stay in contact and up to date on people who you care about!

Twitter and The Stock Market

Posted on : 02-05-2015 | By : DickRaman | In : Tips


stock_market_image.img_assist_customTwitter can be a massive platform for discussing stocks and other fiscal instruments and will most likely replace bulletin boards like the ones at Yahoo! Finance as the preferred strategy for debating individual public corporations. The dimensions of the Twitter audience makes it possible for groups interested in one stock to post views on that company, trades, research, rumors, and information directly from the company in real-time. A stock with a massive investor base may have a following that brings in thousands of comments a day. This sort of “Info market’ for stocks has started to appear through services like StockTwits.

Communities of active stockholders and day-traders who are sharing opinions and in some case classy research about stocks, bonds and other financial instruments, will essentially have the power to move share prices. In the cases of some smaller and more thinly traded stocks, this power may be used to spread rumors and influence trading patterns. A discussion around a certain stock is highlighted on Twitter by using the $ in front of a stock symbol, in the same way as the hashtag (‘#’) is used for keywords.

At some point central government agencies like the SEC are going to need to investigate how Twitter users access the service to spread info about public firms. A few of these comments are probably going to be deemed misleading as is true on bulletin boards today, because some speculators will attempt to move share costs up and down based primarily on their volume of messages and the messages that they can get their followers to tweet. As this function of Twitter usage grows, the community of analysts on any one publicly traded company may become almost as massive as its stock’s daily volume, making Twitter-based input as vital as any other info on many stocks. Yahoo and other large bulletin boards may begin to supplement their services using Twitter, extending the power of the medium to pass along info whether it is correct or not. Twitter is one of the most disruptive technologies to become part of the financial markets in many years.

It will permit individual and professional investors to exchange many thousands of bits of info about the markets in surprisingly short time periods. The issue will be that a great amount of this info may not be correct.

For people who don’t have cash to put into the market, Twitter will be the ultimate platform for fantasy stock trading in which people post the price at which they would have acquired or sold a stock. That might become part of an enormous contest among Tweople who need to compete with each other to show who can create the best performing portfolio, even without cash.

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